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Don't Lose Your Hat 3 8 P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9 N ext to the T-shirt, headwear is one of the most prominent piec- es of wearable goods that covers virtually every industry, niche, and market. Ranging from high- end applications like intricately-embroi- dered caps and beanies for lifestyle brands to screen-printed hats in souvenir shops, on down to cheaper giveaway trucker caps for promotional events, they're a walking bill- board and a relatively seamless add-on for the bustling decorated apparel shop. While decorating headwear comes with its chal- lenges, another essential part of mastering this market is finding the right companies to supply your caps from. Read on to learn how and why this is important. GETTING INTO THE MARKET AND SHOPPING AROUND Locking in a consistent strategy for sourc- ing headwear is important, sources agree, because it's a lucrative opportunity. "If an apparel decorator isn't offering their cus- tomers caps, they're missing out on a very economical advertising avenue," states Rhyen Campbell, Cap America. Camp- bell adds that headwear is "one of the most cost-effective promotional products in our industry" with a cost-per-impression of ap- proximately less than a penny. Considering this metric, it's critical for shops to make sure they're involved in the headwear game and find someone they can rely on when it comes to inventory. M I K E C L A R K FINDING A RELIABLE HEADWEAR SUPPLIER

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