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2 0 1 9 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R 4 5 Milwaukee, WI May 17-18, 2019 Irving, TX March 28-30, 2019 TRAINING in the HALL Wensco Sign Supply ............115 GSG .....................................111 Hirsch Solutions Inc .............225 JDS Industries Inc ...............127 PDS Equipment ...................237 Stratojet USA .......................445 GSG .....................................111 Hirsch Solutions Inc .............225 TRAINING in the HALL Please visit for more information. Training Stop Training Stop Hands-On We draw in channels as much as possible to quickly and easily make separations. In this project, we used Adobe Photoshop CC to draw the Broncos Icon mascot. We used Adobe Photoshop CC to draw the Bron- cos mascot. By using a round brush with a small jitter and a dual charcoal brush, we achieved the vintage look we were going for. The brush strokes were loose and somewhat playful, so the illustrations had a natural feel and would not seem computer generated. The text was laid out in Adobe Illustra- tor CC utilizing the appearance palette. It allows easy and fast modification to any vector object, shape, or even live fonts. We added a slightly roughened and round corner effect to keep with the vintage look. Then, the type was exported to Photoshop and assigned to the corresponding channels. We used a variant crackle distress texture and smaller texture spots to fade specific points of interest for that unique, natural, and weathered look. For the final product, we ended up omit- ting a base as the color of the shirt lent itself well to the textures we created. Instead, we used a single white screen with a choked impression for the rest of the colors to help give the opacity a little push. Soft hand plas- tisol and high mesh 255–300 was used to give the print a great hand. The result was a classic vintage look with a print that looked like it came from the 70s or 80s. We have many producers that outsource their design work to us to help give their clients something more than their in-house de- signer can achieve or has the time to do. For shops that don't design in-house, be care- ful who you recommend for design work. Make sure they understand design for ap- parel decoration and have a pulse on today's culture. This will not only make your life easier when you quote and print, but a bet- ter design will result in your customer sell- ing more and their shirt getting worn over and over again. You also get to help their cause and hopefully get yourself some more business in the process. PW Jeremy Picker is the Creative Director and CEO at AMB3R Creative, a Colorado based apparel design firm. He has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry and brings a depth of knowledge in custom design, screen printing, embroidery, appliqué, finishing, and promotional products. Jeremy has helped numerous brands launch and grow and managed merchandise for major label bands. He is also passionate about creating retail quality for the non-profit sector to fuel fundraising efforts and to expand awareness. His current clients list spans from churches to restaurants to corporations. He is a cancer survivor and a cofounder of ESTAINE, a high-end accessory line to support cancer education efforts. Jeremy spends his free time doing market research and has one of the best self-proclaimed Pinterest profiles for apparel and accessories inspiration. The graphic was de- signed to work across multiple substrates that fit the vibe of the event.

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