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2 0 1 9 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R 4 7 I have found that many users of Corel Systems find the things they need to know, and do each day, and stick to those steps from then on. There is nothing wrong with this, and this is probably what keeps your business running every day. We can certainly talk about expanding your horizons, adding new things to your company, and growing your opportunities that way, or we can talk about streamlining what you do now to save time. Most days, we're doing essentially the same things. Get an idea from a client or prospect, choose quantities/colors/options, design and redesign their artwork, approval, production. Let's take the rest of this article to talk about increasing our efficiency in the number one bottle-neck listed above: Moving from art- work to approval. Most of us hear "shortcuts," and we think about the Ctrl commands on our keyboard when we're in our CorelDraw or other design software. This is the most direct use of shortcuts, but let's explore expanding, tailoring, and greatly improving our use of shortcuts. EXPANDING YOUR USE OF SHORTCUTS Every time you drop your off hand on to your keyboard, press a button or a few, and save yourself multiple steps with the mouse and commands, you save time. Saving time is really what we're talking about here. Copy, paste, cut, and duplicate are well- known shortcuts and used often. If you were to Convert to Curves, Export as PDF, Adjust Colors, or Send to Bitmap Trace as quickly as you Control + C, you can see how those seconds saved each day will quickly turn into minutes. First, invest a little bit of time. Just a little bit, because that's the whole point. Take a look at all the fly outs, the menu op- This chart shows conve- nient align- ments using shortcuts. (All charts courte- sy the author) This chart shows conve nient align ments using shortcuts. (All charts courte sy the author)

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