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6 2 P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9 TAILORING YOUR USE OF SHORTCUTS Customize your workspace. Setting up a comfortable workspace is a great way to create shortcuts in your Corel. Move your tool- bars (right click, unlock toolbars) and Color Palettes around. I find it simpler to attach my Pantone Palette to the top of the page when I'm designing for a screen printer, or my CMYK Palette when drawing for a digital printer. If you're really into Adobe, let your Palettes float (you can also have Corel adjust itself more like AI under Tools, Options, Workspace, check Adobe). Add functions where you want them. While in Corel, un- der Tools and Options, you can find pretty much every single thing you'd ever want to customize about your design software. Many don't know that when you've found a tool or function in these options, you can often drag them right around your Corel- DRAW and attach them to nearly any location. For example, found under Tools, Options, Customization, Commands, you can take any Corel Command (select from all file menus at the top) and bring that button over to your toolbar at left or top of your Corel workspace. Yeah, that's right. Just drag it right outside the Options window and put it where you want it. Bet that'll save you some time. Create your own shortcuts. Also found under the Tools menu, Options, Customization, Commands, and all the functions of Corel listed there into categories. You'll also notice a second tab at the top right "Shortcuts." Ah, right? This is the section in Corel where you can create your own or even change current shortcuts in Corel. If you want Ctrl+___ to do something specific, this is where you'll program it to do so. For example, I have changed my View options so as I may toggle from Wireframe and Enhanced view more easily for myself and my uses. I have also created a new shortcut that takes any image currently selected straight to Bitmap Outline Trace with Low-Quality Image defaults. I must also mention the very underutilized Property Bar in CorelDRAW. This is where Corel puts many quick buttons, edit- ing options, and shortcuts it thinks you might need next depend- ing on what is currently being done in Corel. The Property bar is at the top, above your ruler, but below your menu options. Keep an eye on it, as I bet many of the things you're used to looking for deep in the menu options and drawing tools, may be right up there in an easy/quick button. PW Clay Barbera has been a contributing Industry producer for over 12 years. His experience ranges from graphic design, technical support and software develop- ment, to all production processes such as Screen Printing, Embroidery, Direct Print, Transfer, Laser, Wide-format and more. He has ran digital print shops, hooped garments, and designed from simple to the most complex art for Imprint processes. His ability to simply explain complex steps, and technical information gives him a place as a top educator for us all. With degrees in Advertising, Marketing, and Industrial Psychol- ogy, he has found a passion in making Imprint companies as successful as possible. As education director at Clay continues to produce the Imprint Industry's highest quality training resources for Corel systems art design, as well as newly proven "Practical and Successful Marketing for Imprinters." continued from page 48 COREL SHORTCUTS COREL SHORTCUTS COREL In the Commands section, you can customize your shortcuts for the actions you use most. In the Commands section, you can customize your shortcuts for the actions you use most. In the Commands section, you can customize your shortcuts for the actions you use most. By creating commands for your most used edits, you can save yourself minutes on each job which can lead to hours each week.

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