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ELECTRIC SIGNAGE Additionally, digital sign customers can gain insights into purchasing behav- ior and demographics with these systems. "The biggest technological advance- ment coming is the use of analytics," Saret asserts. "Using cameras that cap- ture only anonymous data such as gender, age, and eye contact with the display; the content on the screen is customized for that particular demographic." From this point, messaging and spe- cial offers that are tailored to specific customers can be deployed. "For example, perhaps your toilet needs a replacement flapper," Goldsmith starts, "digital signage could help the end customer find the appropriate product and then take a short video with them on their mobile device showing step-by- step how to replace the flapper without flooding the bathroom. You could also consider other environments like a liquor store to help someone find a suitable wine based on what they are having for dinner." These digital sign systems can inter- act directly with viewers or through their handheld devices with QR codes, opt-in texting and other data collection points. In the previous wayfinding example, "Visitors can scan the QR code to down- load the map and move easily within the building. The map can include personal- 18 • February 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S F R O M K E V I N G O L D S M I T H A T P I N G H D Our approach is to lead with SoC- based screens, so no media player is needed. With our digital signage solution, you have: n Cost of the screen n Mount n Our software license (low cost annual fee) n Installation (unless the customer would do a self-install) n Content Design Services (unless the customer would design themselves) n Shipping n Training (some companies charge, we don't) Then compare against the cost of traditional signage to get a sense where ROI may fall: n Content Design n Printing n Shipping (to "x" number of sites) n Labor to remove expired signage n Labor to hang new signage EXPENSES: Digital Signage Traditional Signage VS ized information such as estimated walk times and distance," Wamaitha says. "SMS also allows folks to get wayfinding maps and additional information on their phones. Turn-by-turn directions via text are easier to understand and personalize the wayfinding experience. The SMS fea- ture can also be programmed to respond to certain triggers and send personalized information such as images, contact information and addresses." When used in the retail envi- ronment, digital signage can be helpful to the viewer but also reflect well on the vendor, pro- viding assistance and informa- tion about particular items for purchase. "I think touch screens or lift- and-learn type applications offer the most useful benefits to allow/ help the end customer make bet- ter buying choices, or learn about a specific product," Goldsmith says. "Furthermore, with inter- activity and gender/age recogni- tion, more relevant content can be delivered instantly to the audi- ence looking at a screen at that moment in time." Today, digital signage can be interactive through QR codes, for example, or opt-in text messag- ing. Image courtesy of Mvix. (Lower Right) Retail is an environ- ment where digital displays can excel, showing special promo- tions and engaging with custom- ers. Image courtesy of Ping HD.

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