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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • February 2019 • 71 power to boost or change the course of business depending on your goals. BAM! works best when you know your goals and it is aligned with them. As the new company president, I wanted our salespeople to have the same success with their sales and for the company to experience exciting growth through interesting and energetic proj- ects. So, based on the success I had expe- rienced in the past, I began to work with our salespeople on my challenge to sell impressions, not just signs. It was time for me to teach them about the power of BAM! to put the bang in their sales. My goal for our sales force was to have them tap into the branding needs of our clients as well as ensure us as being their one and only sign provider. To bet- ter align our salespeople with the goal, and to help our customers understand, we crafted a new corporate tag line; More Than Signs, We Build Impressions. "Building impressions" became our two-word summary statement to express our purpose and mission, then the name given to a new and separate division of the company dedicated to custom archi- tectural fabrication. From there, with a corporate and cus- tomer focus on building impressions, we simply went to work to provide creative visual brand and image solutions that build impressions. Notice that we didn't need to use the word "signs" even though sign making was still at our core. Also, in our case, it was included in the name of our business. And you know what happened? BAM! It worked. In a short time, we doubled the size of our operation and were sell- ing signs as well as impressions through the building accents, features, faÇades, canopies, awnings, window treatments, interior decorations and even sculpture. It was music to my ears when customers would call for a "building impression" rather than just a sign. Most often, the project would involve a sign anyway. BAM! also works when it is focused on your customer when selling to them. In fact, it takes the selling out and allows the process to do the selling for you by uncovering the customer's wants, needs and goals—the elements you want to know in order to bring them creative branding, advertising, and marketing solutions that your company can provide. Good salespeople don't just sell, even though selling is precisely the primary purpose and mission of the job. A good salesperson should do and accomplish much more, especially when he or she is the face of the business and has the vast share of the customer interactions. Because of that, salespeople are in a good position to sell more over time than the one-time sign or wait for the customer to determine when they want to buy again. And BAM! is one way to try making a bang in your sales. SDG A project for CWRV, a division of Camping World, the world's largest supplier of RV parts, supplies and accessories. B =Branding A =Advertising M =Marketing New branding for the Town of Middlebury in Northern Indiana Amish Country. Franko Design worked with them for a year to arrive at a comprehensive plan to imple- ment a new brand into various signs includ- ing gateways, directional, parking, informa- tional kiosks, parks and destinations.

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