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MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 13 are not actively looking for new positions." The key to success here is to pinpoint your efforts. "You can buy ads that can be targeted to your specific market and demographics," says Kleiman. For example, you may want your ad to be seen only by people who live in nearby zip codes, work for a certain employer, or have experience in a specific job category such as sales. Ordering your ad this way will give you the most bang for your buck, or in modern day terms, the best candidate for your "pay per click." Design your ad well. "Get expertise from a person who has done recruiting, and who knows what words and techniques to use," says Brock. "Maybe it would be smart to link your ad to a video, or to a web page that talks about the benefits of working with your business." DUE DILIGENCE The value of social media goes beyond just extending your recruiting efforts to new pools of top prospects. You can also use the platforms to perform due diligence prior to hiring. "In the past, due diligence meant nothing more than calling references," says Craig. "You still do that, but you can go further with social media. Check if candidates' pro- files are consistent with their resumes and what they say in their interviews. Did they claim to have certain levels of expertise that conflict with their online descriptions?" And there's more. "Take a look at candidates' blog posts," Craig continues. "Are they active in forums where they answer questions posted by others? This can be a real indication of expertise and enthusiasm." As the above comments suggest, a suc- cessful recruiting effort begins with under- standing how your current employees are consuming social media, then designing your interactions accordingly. The key word there is interaction. "This is not about blasting out a message to people," says Craig. "We don't like to be blasted upon; we like to interact with others and develop relationships." New York City-based journalist PHILLIP M. PERRY publishes widely in the fields of business management and law. If you make a professional effort to create an attractive online image, you can demand an equal level of professionalism from people who apply for work.

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