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14 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 A Health Kick Taking care of business means taking care of yourself. By Jason R. Sakurai W hen highlighting exceptional shops and their owners, we call attention to best business practices and first-class customer service. In providing informa- tion vital to the success of your business, however, we may have overlooked one important aspect—namely you, the owner or store manager. Day after day, a key factor in how well your shop does and the perception of its stature in your community depends to a large degree on your performance. Deci- sions you make about purchasing, staffing, advertising, sales or service are all reflected in your store's prosperity. This, not surprisingly, can be extremely stressful. So, as a business owner, an impor- tant factor for long-term success is taking time to take care of yourself. FEAR OF FAILURE? You push yourself hard, start your day by 7:30 a.m. and often go until 9 at night. After that, you may send texts to your staff, answer emails from customers or see how you are doing on social media. You work all the time—a common problem among business owners and man- agers. Almost half of all owners clock more than 50 hours per week, and 82 percent work more than 40 hours, according to the Alternative Board, a small-business adviser. In our industry, most are happy or enthu- siastic about putting in the extra time, but some take it too far, believing their role is indispensable and harboring a fear of failure. None of this is sound business strategy, and long term it can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Business owners who regularly work excessive hours can experience impatience, insomnia, forgetful- ness, mood swings and bursts of temper, says the Alternative Board. Burnout can occur no matter how much you love your work. So, how can you take care of yourself while effectively running your business? Pushing yourself too hard can adversely affect your business, jeopardizing your efficiency, creativity and ability to make sound decisions. It's important that shop owners and managers take time to take care of themselves.

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