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MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 39 working properly, customers are refusing to drive the vehicle because they deem them unsafe. While this may not be entirely true, I completely understand, since we are selling them the technology as a reas- surance for a safer journey. I am fortunate to have a great team of technicians that works with us. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today. What we've found is that partnering with the vendors you purchase these products from is the best way to understand the technology. For example, some of the newer radar- based solutions require targets to help calibrate the systems, or there may be tips and tricks to help when troubleshooting the calibration. We find that the actual install is often the easy part. It's the proper calibration of the unit that can be tricky. THE PROPER APPROACH Here's the approach we take when installing these systems. A radar blind-spot system or front radar system will typically require the removal of the front/rear bumper. (Blind-spot systems are a rear removal; front collision systems are a front removal). We then mount the radar units to the vehicle and wire the hardware to either the LEDs that are placed in the pillars for the blind spot, or a center-mounted dash screen for a front radar solution. Prior to replacing the bumper, we must calibrate the units, making sure they are not angled too low where they might pick up the road or too high where they might miss a vehicle to the side or in front. Once we determine the proper posi- tioning we drive-test the blind-spot systems, tweaking them throughout the process. When it comes to the forward radar- based systems, we have the ability to simulate the experience by hooking the ADAS products are the building blocks to autonomous vehicles, which are undoubtedly our future. (Photos courtesy Brandmotion) UPGRADE Mention The SHOP Magazine for 5% off your opening order TO THE NEXT TRIM LEVEL Add a power-operated lift gate with iBEAM's new vehicle-specific plug-n-play kits that are quick and easy to install

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