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40 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 technology up to a computer program to determine proper distance (measurements of the vehicle) as well as CAN bus data for speed sensing, blinkers, etc. Some of the technology also requires specialty leveling and target-based equipment. In general, these installs can take any- where from 2.5 hours to 5 hours, depending on the calibration times required to com- plete the install. (I know this is a large window, but with new technology and lim- ited experience sometimes it takes longer than expected.) Another interesting aspect of these instal- lations: for years I've been hearing that "we can't find any good techs" and that the new generation doesn't want to work as 12-volt installers. Once you begin to understand this technology, however, you will quickly see that a lot of the required calibration is through a computer. With the continued advancements/integration of this vehicle technology, our future techs may simply be sitting behind a laptop for the majority of the install. TIME TO TAKE ACTION As mentioned earlier, we have a real oppor- tunity to make a difference in the lives of our customers by promoting and properly installing this technology. The benefits of these systems have been touted nationwide by the Vision Zero project—which our com- pany supports—and the word is spreading. Believe it or not, customers have sub- mitted requests for quotes asking for a Vision Zero package after hearing about the safety benefits of these products. We need to work together as part of the automotive aftermarket to help one another install this technology properly the first time. The only way we will be able to grow this in-demand category is through a united front when it comes to installations. As an industry, we can make a real dif- ference by saving lives on our roadways today. (Photo courtesy Brandmotion) Driver-Assistance Systems In general, installs can take from 2.5 to 5 hours. (Photos courtesy Brandmotion)

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