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MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 43 … it keeps getting easier to make ridiculous horsepower in a forced-induction, dual- purpose (street/strip) vehicle. The customer wants a reliable and street-able 1,200-hp (vehicle) to take to the grocery store, then hit the strip after dinner. Being able to provide them with a dynamic fuel system that adapts to demand is crucial. Our new Aeromotive brushless gear pumps are engineered for these appli- cations; they set a new standard for fuel flow at real-world operating pressures in a continuous-duty environment. Currently available in 5.0- and 3.5-gpm versions, our brushless technology results in a significant drop in amperage (which pro- vides for cooler fuel temperatures), while also providing enough fuel for extremely high-horsepower applications on gas, E85, or methanol. The Aeromotive spur gear mechanism is ideal for high system pressures and has been tested to 150 psi. We have also added the brushless technology to our A1000 and Eliminator roller vane pumps. All four are available in an in-tank option, an in-line option, and installed in one of our alu- minum fuel cells. The biggest change in the Fuel Pump market over the past 10 years has been … … the availability and cost of EFI conver- sions and late-model engine swaps have had a huge impact on the fuel delivery market. For us, the most effective way to accomplish this consistent delivery was to move the fuel pump inside the gas tank. We do this with both our entire Phantom line and in our Gen II Stealth tanks, complete with patented Phantom technology for popular muscle cars. An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Fuel Pump upgrades is … … aftermarket fuel pumps are the heart of the system, but that is just where it starts. Most shops will benefit from the opportu- nity to cross-sell items like filters, regulators and fittings. AEM PERFORMANCE ELECTRONICS Hawthorne, California Lawson Mollica Director of Marketing & Public Relations The availability and cost of EFI conversions and late-model engine swaps have had a huge impact on the fuel delivery market. (Photos courtesy Aeromotive Inc.) MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 43

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