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44 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 Our hottest Fuel Pump upgrade product for 2019 is … … our new 245LPH E85-Compatible High Flow Fuel Pump for the Polaris RZR XP Turbo. It is a direct-fit replacement for the factory fuel pump, so it drops right in with no modifications and even uses the factory wiring harness. This is the first true high-flow fuel pump for the Polaris RZR that we know of that can support fuel pressures up to 115 psi versus the stock crack pressure of 80 psi. This allows RZR Turbo owners to increase boost and upgrade to larger turbos without worrying about running out of fuel flow if they want to turn up the wick. Its best features include … … it will flow 245 lph (60 gph) at 40 psi and 202 lph (53 gph) at the RZR's factory base fuel pressure of 58 psi. That's good enough to support 482 hp at 22 psi of boost on gasoline and 313 hp at the same boost level on E85. It is also methanol- compatible. We include the pre-filter, hose and clamps with the pump, and it installs just like the OE fuel pump. The customer base that offers the greatest potential for growth in the performance Fuel Pump market is … … we see the UTV market as having great potential, but we are also exploring higher- flow pumps for the racing market. Today's modern engines are able to produce impres- sive amounts of power from the factory, and in the hands of skilled engine builders using quality parts these numbers rise expo- nentially really fast! Of course, the ability to deliver the nec- essary volume of fuel to feed the engine's requirements is critical, so we want to be one of the companies providing more reli- able and affordable solutions, as we do with our existing alcohol-compatible 340 lph in-tank and 400 lph in-line electric fuel pumps. An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Fuel Pump upgrades is … … the ability to address the entire fuel system for upgrades necessary to reliably deliver fuel to the combustion chambers. Injector upgrades should be a natural con- sideration, since no high-flow fuel pump can compensate for injectors that have already been maxed out in duty cycle. Fuel lines are another consideration, and this is especially critical if you have a customer who is boosted and wants to run ethanol fuel in a system that was not designed for alcohol fuels. And don't forget to include a relay kit when you upgrade any electric fuel pump. This is critical. Another avenue to address, especially in cars that see high lateral G-loads, is a possible upgrade to a fuel cell surge tank to eliminate fuel starvation under heavy-G cornering. Companies like Radium Engineering offer surge tank kits for factory fuel tanks and racing cells that come pre-loaded with our fuel pumps as an option. EDELBROCK LLC Torrance, California Smitty Smith Technical Sales Coordinator Our hottest Fuel Pump upgrade product for 2019 is … … our Universal EFI Sump Fuel Systems. Suitable for use when converting a carbu- reted vehicle to EFI, the kits have a 255-lph sump and don't require a feed or return to the tank. Its best features include … … support for up to 750 hp; tip over valve; -6 fuel inlet and outlet ports; sock filter to keep fuel from being contaminated; check valve vent for safety; and an internal adjustable vacuum-compensated fuel pressure regulator. Companies like Radium Engineering offer surge tank kits for factory fuel tanks and racing cells that come pre-loaded with fuel pumps as an op- tion. (Photo courtesy AEM Performance Electronics) FUEL'S GOLD Today's quality fuel delivery systems feature high-grade components. (Photo courtesy Edelbrock)

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