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MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 45 The customer base that offers the greatest potential for growth in the performance Fuel Pump market is … … customers who are doing engine swaps, like putting an LS into a Chevelle or a Camaro. If it's a good-running engine, you put the sump under the hood and you're ready to go. The biggest change in the Fuel Pump market over the past 10 years has been … … internal components that keep up with today's lousy fuel quality, such as anodized billet pieces, brass bushings and carbon fiber veins. The quality of the components has to keep up with the times. An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Fuel Pump upgrades is … … for our sump system, the greatest benefit is it prevents a guy from being stranded. If something goes wrong, you can simply disconnect and replace, and you're back up and running. HOLLEY PERFORMANCE Bowling Green, Kentucky Todd Crays Senior Product Manager Our hottest Fuel Pump upgrade product for 2019 is … … EFI Retrofit Pump Modules for con- verting from carbureted to fuel injection. Its best features include … … we offer these as direct and universal installation using the customer's existing fuel tank. They are available with 255- and 450-lph fuel pumps. They are also available in return-style and return-less-style modules. The return-less-style units offer a built- in pressure regulator and easy installa- tion because an additional return line is EFI retrofit applications are an important part of the performance fuel pump market. (Photos courtesy Holley Performance Products) See the whole success story: For further information or technical support please call 1-888-MOLYOIL (665-9645) I use it! Made in Germany. Made for you. "Stops low oil pressure and engine stumbling!" Josh Collver European Service Center Dallas, TX #iuseit

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