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46 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 not required. The modules also include our patented HydraMat fuel reservoir system designed to reduce fuel starvation issues present in hard-cornering, accel- eration, stopping, inclines and low-fuel conditions. The customer base that offers the greatest potential for growth in the performance Fuel Pump market is … … customers who have a daily driver or weekend (pleasure or race) vehicle that is carbureted who want to convert and take advantage of the benefits of EFI. The biggest change in the Fuel Pump market over the past 10 years has been … … retrofit in-tank fuel pump systems. They can be easily installed in just about all fuel tank sizes and configurations. An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Fuel Pump upgrades is … … simplicity of the new EFI systems. The latest design systems are simple to install with tools that the techs already have. They are self-learning and easy to adjust if needed. TI AUTOMOTIVE Auburn Hills, Michigan Andy Peckham Product Manager Our hottest Fuel Pump upgrade product for 2019 is … … TI Automotive's new family of 350- lph 39mm pumps. Known as the GSS350 series pumps, it includes part numbers GSS350G3, GSS351G3 and GSS352G3. A 39mm straight-wall design with multiple inlet and outlet options makes it an easy upgrade on existing fuel pump hangers. These pumps support 600-plus hp applica- tions at 40 psi and 13.5 volts. Its best features include … … 350 lph output right out of the box. Much like our GSS340 series of pumps, these pumps pick up additional output once they fully break in (24 to 48 hours is the typical break-in period for this style of pump). This family of parts features TI Automo- tive's gerotor technology for positive dis- placement and is perfect for forced induc- tion (turbocharged and supercharged) applications. TI Automotive manufactures the 350-lph family of fuel pumps in its Caro, Michigan plant. The customer base that offers the greatest potential for growth in the performance Fuel Pump market is … … the most common engine upgrade in the market is the LS swap, followed closely by the Coyote and Hemi. Our pumps have successfully fueled these power plants for many years. The improved technology and performance of these engines make them an ideal upgrade. Modern injected engines require a higher fuel pressure and flow due to their in- creased base horsepower and advanced technology. (Photo courtesy TI Automotive) Customers are seeking high- power support out of today's fuel delivery systems. (Photo courtesy Fuelab) (Photo courtesy Aeromotive Inc.) FUEL'S GOLD

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