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MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 47 The performance industry has made installing a modern powertrain in a classic car an easy DIY project. All of the modern injected engines require a higher fuel pres- sure and flow due to their increased base horsepower and advanced technology. This, in turn, drives the need for not only a fuel pump, but also for a complete fuel system upgrade. The biggest change in the Fuel Pump market over the past 10 years has been … … the increased horsepower base achieved with a modern engine transplant. The ability to make 500-plus hp with a daily- driven vehicle is commonplace. TI Auto- motive offers a variety of fuel pumps and modules to help end-users attain the fuel flow they need with easier installation options. An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Fuel Pump upgrades is … … shops may benefit from the need to improve other aspects of the fuel system. The benefit of offering complete fuel system upgrades, resulting in additional component and installation sales, helps deliver fuel to the engine at the proper rate of flow and pressure. The pump is only one part of the fuel system and simply installing a higher- output pump may not provide the total desired outcome a customer is seeking. FUELAB Collinsville, Illinois Rob Scharfenberg Chief Engineer Our hottest Fuel Pump upgrade product for 2019 is … … the Model 47403 fuel pump that uses screw-pump technology is receiving the greatest growth and positive feedback from customers. Its best features include … … high-efficiency screw-pump technology with integrated DC brushless control. It offers a very high power capacity with low current draw, and E85 and methanol compatibility. The customer base that offers the greatest potential for growth in the performance Fuel Pump market is … Top-quality fuel delivery is a must, particu- larly for drag racing applications. (Photos courtesy Weldon High Performance) (Photo courtesy Aeromotive Inc.)

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