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MARCH 2019 THE SHOP 59 JUST FOR SHOW At the time (2002), aerodynamics wasn't getting a lot of attention. "For a lot of people, putting a wing on a car was just for show. It can't possibly make the car go faster." But he says he kept plugging away and, eventually, people noticed. And then people wanted to know if he'd be able to help them. After about a year-and-a-half stint at a Mazda shop in L.A., he started Blackbird Fabworx. By then, he'd been racing for about 10 years and people recognized his work. "It was a relatively easy transition," Almagor says. "You know, you start small and just let it naturally grow. Really, the business started in my driveway working on cars under an Easy-Up, just doing small stuff. We moved into the shop when we outgrew that and never looked back." Blackbird's projects and products are geared for the track. The shop has done extensive testing of active aerodynamics— wings that change angles as you drive. This NSU survivor is being converted to a mechanically brand-new electric car, using Tesla batteries. The Prinz was manufactured during the 1960s in Neckarsulm, Germany by NSU, which later became part of Audi.

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