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60 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 CRAZIEST IDEAS He says the shop is best known for the development of safety systems and aero- dynamics. The safety systems business started with building roll cages and roll bars and then custom seat mounts for racing seats and evolved into anything related to safety for people who want to turn street cars into dedicated track or race cars. "We do the conversions for them," he says. "We do all the weight savings and all the prep on the chassis, the roll cages, a complete driver safety system. We work with the drivers, getting them fit in the car and as well-protected as we can get them." In many cases, those same drivers also want Blackbird ( birdFabworxFTW) to continue developing their cars, which leads to aerodynamic work. Almagor uses his own race car, a Mazda Miata, to test a lot of what he calls his "craziest ideas." One of those ideas involved improving the motor mounts. "I've always wanted motor mounts that do more than what's existing out there," he explains, "so being that what I wanted was not available, I just designed my own and that turned into something that a lot of other people wanted—and that turned into a product line." The drop mounts for Miatas lower the engine by about a 1/2-inch and use a stronger bushing design that is less prone to cracking than the factory rubber with better control over engine movement. He also uses his car to test his "radical ideas" such as active aerodynamics—wings that change angles as you drive. He's also been experimenting with a front-active aero- dynamic device for his own car that he'll adapt to customer cars when the time comes. Blackbird has also developed fire extin- guisher kits for several makes and models, as well as spoiler kits for the Honda 2000 and a roll bar for Corvette Z06s. "But that's our off-the-shelf products," he says. "When it comes to custom fabrica- tion, we do it on every car." ADAPTING YOUR TECHNIQUES And every car might be any car. "Really, we work on everything," Almagor says. "We finished a BMW a couple weeks ago; a Ford Focus not too long ago. Right now, in the shop we have a Subaru, a Miata A vintage Honda 600 destined for serious track time. The Honda is fitted with a custom suspension and roll cage. Flying HigH

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