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6 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 H iring top talent has never been easy. With the current tight- ening of the labor market, though, it's tougher than ever to find the best people. Gone are the days when an employer could post a help-wanted ad and enjoy the luxury of a long line of applicants. "The nation is short workers," says Mel Kleiman, director of Houston-based Humetrics, an employment consulting firm ( "With unemploy- ment hovering around 4 percent, basically anyone who wants a job can get one." That means there are fewer people around to fill your ranks. The solution? Be more proactive in your recruiting. "A lot of people are not unhappy enough with their current positions to search out new ones," says Kleiman. "But they might well be interested if jobs came looking." To grab the best people, then, you have to take the initiative. And that means taking full advantage of the Internet. "If you are looking to hire people, you have to go where they congregate," says Terry Brock, an Orlando-based manage- ment consultant ( "And today people congregate on social media." NETWORK FOR SUCCESS At one level, social media represents a dra- matic shift by the recruiting environment onto the Internet. At another level, the sites are just the latest version of the old tried- and-true networking paradigm. "Twenty years ago, the value of recruiters was often determined by the quality of their personal networks," says Toronto-based management consultant Randall Craig ( "And, really, it's the same today. What's different is the degree of visibility: Social media has, for the first time in history, exposed those networks for everyone to see." On the plus side, the modern-day net- works are far larger than the old telephone and surface mail-based systems, so you enjoy an enlarged hunting ground. And there are plenty of social media outlets to choose from. At one time LinkedIn ruled the roost when it came to searching for workers, but today there's a place in your recruiting arsenal for Twitter, Facebook and a bunch of upstarts such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest (See sidebar, Pick Your Social Network). ONLINE RECRUITMENT How to use social networks to attract top talent. By Phillip M. Perry 6 THE SHOP MARCH 2019 It's tougher than ever to find good workers in today's strong job market.

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