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March '19

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26 • A&E MARCH 2019 designs to my existing customers, as well as get them thinking about flowers and birds chirping, Easter, and christenings. Personalization adds so much worth to an item that sometimes we underestimate how valuable it can be. As a result, we under- value the price, so look at places like Zazzle to compare your pricing. It is also essential, especially if you have a storefront, to have non-personalized sub- limated substrates that can be picked up by your local or walk-in customer. I am partial to mugs because they make great gifts and can be quite profitable. For a lot of people, communion and christenings are as significant of an event as the birth of their child. Having substrates to commemorate that special day can be as profitable as birth announcement pillows or birth plaques. Tip: Be sure to lint roll both the pillow and the blanket. Lint rolling is as vital to the success of these two items as the time and temperature. SUMMER W h i l e n o t a t r a d i t i o n a l h o l i d a y season, summer holds numerous mar- keting opportunities. Those summer days of barbequing, wearing flip-flops, and drinking wine coolers should give you inspiration for designing and creating new items. With sublimation, you can take each season to a new level. Even if you are offering the same merchandise as last year, the sublimated designs you create change it up. Linen polyester pillow sublimated at 390 F for 60 seconds using medium pressure. This sublimated collage was created using these settings and products: Unisub Hardboard 16-by-20 inches; 400 F for 120 seconds; heat press used is a Geo Knight DK32.

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