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March '19

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A&E MARCH 2019 • 27 Sublimation This season also celebrates Father's Day, Fourth of July, vacations, and weddings, each presenting new marketing opportunities to bring to your customers. Think outside of the box in regard to what you can offer to your customers that they can't find in a local store. For instance, display a sample of a sub- limated collage around engagement or wed- ding photos, or even a family vacation. It can be as small as 8 by 11 inches or as large as 16 by 20 inches to fit on an easel. AUTUMN While autumn isn't exactly the start of the holiday season, people tend to treat it that way. Summer's over and the cooler weather is setting in, which means it is time to bring out items that appeal to your customer for those in-between months before the holiday rush. For many retailers, preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is so daunting that they tend to overlook these in-between months. However, if prepara- tion is done ahead of time, such as having designs and substrates ready, those months can be quite profitable too. Seasonal pillows have been and continue to be one of my number-one sellers. WRAPPING UP THE SEASONS This isn't just a list of holidays, events, and occasions that are relevant for each season; it's a list to inspire you to think outside of what you currently do. Whether you sublimate items to celebrate the gen- eral seasons or a specific time or holiday like Thanksgiving, knowing your customer base and what they want is paramount in maximizing your profits. One other thing I would like to men- tion besides the seasonal opportunities is to look for national awareness days that might be conducive to your business. You can Google a national calendar that can help you stay on track for those days that make sense for your business. A&E

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