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30 • A&E MARCH 2019 CORELDRAW: THE BASICS By Doug Zender Those who purchased the box version likely received a Quick Reference Card to the many shortcuts available, but if your acquisi- tion of the program was only by download, you did not receive this valuable resource. It is possible to gain this information within the program. Go to Tools>Customization >Commands>Shortcut Keys>View All — you will see something similar to Figure 1. At this point, you can print the info or save it to CSV, which is a spreadsheet layout that opens with MS Excel, or your preferred spreadsheet program. Though this included shortcut key layout is a valuable thing in itself, I find it a bit difficult to navigate and find the exact shortcut I'm looking for. Following, I provide a more intuitive and usable guide based upon the Quick Reference Card pro- vided with the CorelDRAW 2018 release, though most versions of the program are identical. I will not include everything, since memorizing them all is a daunting task, but will focus upon the many short- cuts most used by the majority of Corel- DRAW users and the ones I use most often. FAVORITE FEATURES Before looking at shortcuts, I want to look at three of my favorite things that are often not known. Did you know that you can double-click on the Pick tool and it selects all objects? Or, if you double-click on the Rectangle tool, it places a rectangle directly on your page? One of my favorites is the Quick Duplicate feature. On the numeric keypad (the little one on the right side of your keyboard) if you have an object selected and press the + key, it places a duplicate directly on top — this is a quick Doug Zender has used CorelDRAW extensively since version 4. His goal is to minimize the intimidation of the program and give users the sense that CorelDRAW is a friend, not an adversary. Doug began as a design artist, then moved into the sign industry in 1992 doing vinyl graphics. You can contact him at A Few Overlooked Features: Part 2 Keyboard shortcuts to help you save time T he CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has a massive number of tools and capabilities. We previously explored some customization options in the February issue, page 34. This month, I want to look at some keyboard shortcuts that can easily cut the use of time needed to access various tools. Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3

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