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A&E MARCH 2019 • 31 Graphic Design way to duplicate stuff. I have found this to be valuable. Look at Figure 2: I used basic text, duplicated it using the + key, sent it back one and changed color, then nudged it to the right and down. In a few keystrokes, I was able to get a 3-D look that is usable and dynamic — a quick drop shadow that can be tailored to the amount of offset you desire. A note about the Nudge feature: there exists Super Nudge and Micro Nudge in the program. All are available with your arrow keys but should be changed to your preference. To access the panel, right-click on either ruler then choose Ruler Setup. A dialog appears (Figure 3). The default is a factor of 2. I leave Super Nudge alone, but change Micro Nudge to 4. By holding the shift key while nudging with your arrow keys, it moves twice as far as the Regular Nudge (this is Super Nudge), a factor of 2. Micro Nudge is now a factor of 4, so will move objects one-fourth the distance of Regular Nudge when holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the arrow keys to move objects up, down, right, or left. The default Nudge distance is .1 inch and can be changed here or on the top Property bar with nothing selected. If your rulers are set to metric or a different measuring system, the program automatically reflects that. If you want all subsequent files to have these changes as default, go to Tools>Save Settings as Default. This makes your changes the same for all future files. CORELDRAW SHORTCUTS Now, let's look at a few shortcuts in CorelDRAW (those in PHOTO-PAINT will be addressed in a future article). To begin, I want to focus on Alignment fea- tures, since these are most often needed in production of graphic design (these are easy enough to memorize): • Align Left = Keystroke L • Align Right = Keystroke R • Align Top = Keystroke T • Align Bottom = Keystroke B • Align Horizontally = Keystroke E • Align Vertically = Keystroke C • Center on Page = Keystroke P Call Cassie Green at 720.566.7278 or email Get involved in editorial opportunities for A&E each month!

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