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32 • A&E MARCH 2019 The way it works Suppose I have two (or more) objects that I want to align in a particular fashion, let's say, align left and bottom. I select one object, then shift-select the next one and press L and B on my keyboard. The result is displayed in Figure 4. Note that the first object selected aligns to the second one selected. If, instead, I want to center one object to another, I simply press C and E on my keyboard. This is much easier and faster than the Align/Distribute docker, which provides a similar function with many more options involved. We'll explore that docker in the future. As with many things within the pro- gram, I encourage some experimentation until you are familiar and comfortable with the process involved. Most of what I have learned is the result of many hours of trying various tools to discover their abilities and limitations. Back to keyboard shortcuts... There are a massive amount of keystroke shortcuts in CorelDRAW, but for the main part, we have diminished the need for a good many of them with the previous article on customizing the interface and creating a new workspace. Many are a repetition of the icons provided, such as the open command — Ctrl+O is not as fast as just pressing the Open icon. Similarly, to create a new document, it is more expedient to press the New icon on the task bar than the Ctrl+N keystroke. Either one does the same thing, it's just a matter of which works best for you. In the same way, Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S) seems to me more dif- ficult and unnecessary than simply going to File>Save As. Nevertheless, Corel has provided them, so I will include a few here: • File: New = Ctrl+N • File: Open = Ctrl+O • File: Save = Ctrl+S • File: Save As = CTRL+Shift+S, • File: Import = Ctrl+I • File: Export = Ctrl+E • File: Print = Ctrl+P • File: Exit = Alt+F4 • Edit: Undo = Ctrl+Z • Edit: Redo = Ctrl+Shift+Z • Edit: Repeat = Ctrl+R • Edit: Cut = Ctrl+X • Edit: Copy = Ctrl+C • Edit: Paste = Ctrl+V • Edit: Delete = Delete • Edit: Duplicate = Ctrl+D • Edit: Step and Repeat = Ctrl+Shift+D • Edit: Find Objects = Ctrl+F These are only some of the shortcuts available but are likely the most used. Almost all dialog boxes have available shortcuts shown (Figure 5: the shortcuts are indicated by the red enclosure). What- ever your workflow necessitates, it is good to know the keystroke shortcuts that are available for your particular needs. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has several ways to do nearly every task; some processes are quicker than others. Again, I encourage any serious user of the pro- gram to spend some time exploring and experimenting with the many tools and available resources of the program. There is no such thing as failure, only education. If one approach doesn't work to my satisfac- tion, there are others to explore. As graphic designers, our clients expect us to meet their visual needs. The more we know about the program, the less stress we encounter in the final production of a sellable product. One other feature of the program that is often overlooked is the Status Bar at the bottom of the Drawing window. It gives valu- able information about objects, tools, and brief suggestions. It automatically updates depending on object(s) selected and tool selected, and is a good thing to refer to often. LOOKING AHEAD In future articles, I hope to explore some design principles of layout that take a mediocre design to a more dynamic visual presentation. Whether signs, plaques, or business cards, it is always possible to make the end products a little more appealing than the guy down the street. Sometimes that involves going the extra mile. The bottom line is profitability. Can I spend the time to create something dynamic and then justify my time with a reasonable charge? Learning the abili- ties of CorelDRAW can easily reduce the design time involved in solving a problem by stumbling around looking for a solution. I hope to continue sharing some of my insights to save you from the brain damage I have suffered while feeling lost in the cyber world. Graphic Design Fig 4 Fig 5 A&E

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