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A&E MARCH 2019 • 35 Laser Engraving and pressing the arrow keys. Super Nudge is Shift+Arrow and Micro Nudge is Ctrl+Arrow. In the Options>Rulers menu, I set the Nudge at 0.05, the Super Nudge at 10 times, and Micro Nudge at 10 times. You may want to test several options until you find the combination that works the best for you. (For more detail, check out Doug Zender's CorelDRAW column on 30.) While changing defaults, go to Options>Documents>General Menu and set the Duplicate (Ctrl+D) default for both the vertical and horizontal directions. SETTING UP TEXT I tend to work in Artistic Text mode rather than Paragraph mode. This lets me easily move text around to create precise placement. This is especially important for designing plaques. For Artistic Text, with the Text tool, simply click anywhere in your workspace. If you import text in from word processing documents, they are imported as Paragraph Text. I typically use them in this mode; however, if I want to change it to Artistic Text, I must cut and paste it in Artistic mode. When you do, you get one long sentence, so cut and paste only the portion of the paragraph you want as a separate object. You may need to cut and paste multiple times to set up the text the way you want it. If you want to start writing in Paragraph mode, simply click and pull your cursor to the right and down to make a paragraph. It can easily be resized by pulling on the handles. For the newer versions of CorelDRAW, you have access to your complete font library without having to install them all. When you select the font dropdown menu, click on the funnel or filter list; check the box under Font Status: Not Installed. You now have access to every font your Corel Font Manager has found. Not having to go back and forth installing and uninstalling fonts saves a lot of time. If you need special characters such a Spanish, Hebrew, scientific, copyright symbols, etc., activate the Insert Character Docker. For The Text Properties docker paragraph is selected; letter kerning, word spacing, and line spacing is set. ALSO AVAILABLE: DUST COLLECTORS AND FUME EXTRACTORS for laser cutting, 3D printing, soldering and welding. 1-877-9-QUATRO AIR TECHNOLOGIES INC. VACUUM CHIP REMOVAL SYSTEM Small footprint High speed turbine HEPA and bag filter 24V relay interface Custom interface cable

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