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March '19

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36 • A&E MARCH 2019 each font, you will find a list of characters included with that particular font. Arial has a complete list of choices. I usually use Arial and then change the font if needed. If it's included with the new chosen font, the special character remains with the font change. Character sets such as Spanish or Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc., are not identified, so learning where they are with a single font makes the job a little easier. You can narrow it down by selecting a language or character set on the menu, such as Latin for Spanish; however, you will notice a lot more charac- ters to choose from than just Latin. At times I like to separate words with specific-sized filled circles placed beside the word in the middle. I find the quickest way to create this symbol is to use the Ellipse tool and hold down the Control key while pulling to create a perfect circle. Fill the circle (or ellipse) and remove the outline. From time to time, I want text with superscript for identifying the place someone came in during a competitive event. The Text Properties docker has the tools you need. Select the "A" at the top of the docker. Selecting only the letters you want as super- script, select the dropdown menu for Posi- tion (X2), and then Superscript (auto). For large and small caps, you select Caps (little a b), Small Caps (auto). Further down the menu under Paragraph, you have controls for Letter Spacing, Word Spacing, and Line Spacing as well as other controls. I use these three the most. Letter spacing is called kerning, which I use for tightening the characters (a little) when I need additional space to the left and right and don't want to reduce the font size. I also use kerning for enhancing the spacing for certain fonts where it is needed to look professional. The Text Properties docker caps selected and Small Caps (auto) set. READY TO RETIRE? We are looking to acquire! We are looking to acquire companies in the award, engraving industry. The Holmes Team did a great job taking care of our customers that our family business had for many years when I was ready to retire. Don Bradshaw — Federal Stamp & Seal — Atlanta, GA I cannot thank Bryan and his team enough for making my transition into retirement any easier. They truly cared about doing things on my time with no pressure. I feel confident knowing my customers are taken care of and continuing to receive the quality products and service from a caliber company like Holmes! Jay Hoskins — Central Florida Stamp & Sign " " " " Please visit for more information. " " The team at Holmes were great to deal with. They really understood our concerns for our employees and for the company reputation we had built over 30 years. The transition was easy because we were easily able to get onto the same page. Sue Beaulieu — — Salem, MA

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