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March '19

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A&E MARCH 2019 • 37 Laser Engraving ALIGNMENT To align words or objects in a column, use the Pick tool. Select all the objects you want to center together and press the "C" key. To move several words or objects into an even row, select the objects and press the "E" key. You can also activate the Align and Distribute docker to align objects on the page or to distribute the objects in relation to each other. Spacing of text and graphics on plaques is crucial to highlight important information, group-related information, and create a pro- fessional look. White space is a valuable tool in design as well. I often place the graphic at the top in the location I want it to be. I then place the last sentence, usually the date, at the bottom of the plate in the place I want, leaving enough white space so there is no crowding. I also don't want a lot of space between elements on the plaque. Next, I group other information I want together; for example, the individual's name along with an ornament I use to highlight or set off the name. I space the elements, center them, then group them. After grouping all the text and graphics that belong together, I center align them all. Regardless of the spacing between each object, text, or group, make sure the order you want them in is correct. I then use the Distribute Spaces Vertically tool (Shift+A). It spaces all the text, groups, and graphics equally. You can also distribute them across a page by using the Distribute Spaces Horizontally tool (Shift+P). I have these tools on my Toolbox bar. You can also add them to a Commend bar. The Alignment and Distribute docker also contains these tools. LINE WIDTH I often design signage, name tags, and other products that require cutting out from an acrylic sheet. My laser recognizes thin The Align and Distribute docker, including Distribute Vertically and Horizontally.

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