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A&E MARCH 2019 • 41 Kitt Jones, Roland DGA, expands on this point, stating that testing and experi- menting with the tools builds familiarity that will help when the time comes to complete an actual project. And the best way to do that is to run some tests. "For new users, I recommend testing and playing with their machines on sacrificial products or blanks to gain a thorough understanding of not only the machine itself, but also the tools and how they each mark or engrave," he suggests. BOOST YOUR TECHNIQUE As users start to feel comfortable with the machine, the best way to boost tech- nique is to take on some projects. When Some applications, such as creating ADA signage, is easier to do with a rotary engraver versus a laser engraver. IMAGE COURTESY ROLAND DGA This equipment has a variety of features and capabilities, which can make for a steep learning curve. However, there are a plethora of educational options that can help any beginner learn how to use the machine. IMAGE COURTESY VISION ENGRAVING & ROUTING SYSTEMS 5 Rotary Tips for Best Results By Zach Houser, Vision Engraving & Routing Systems 1. Plan out the design ahead of time. 2. If the application is new, then it is a good idea to test it on scrap material first. 3. Take some time to understand feeds and speeds. Most machines have general settings for common materials that can be adjusted for job speed and overall performance. 4. Keep a clean workspace and invest in a tool holder. Searching for tools can add to production times and kill profit margins. 5. Use the right tool for the job. High speed and higher power spindles can help in certain applications, while specialty cutting tools might be all that is needed for other applications. A good example is creating a polished edge when cutting acrylic sheet. Specialty tools can be used to do this without post polishing or flaming the acrylic edge. A simple change of the tool can cut down on production time and adds to the machine's efficiency.

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