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2 0 1 9 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R 1 3 reach group decisions. This is a critical time in the life cycle of a team. If the team aspires to make as many win-win decisions as possible, they will need to understand and insist on reaching consensus. Consensus, by definition, includes pooling opinions, perceptive listening skills, and un- emotionally discussing ideas and differences. Consensus does not include voting, majority rule, dictatorial tiebreaking, and bargaining. Win-lose outcomes are almost assured when compromise is sought rather than investing the time to hash out the differences of opinions. The best litmus test for whether consensus has been achieved is when every member can say, "I have had an opportunity to express my views fully, and they have been thoughtfully considered by the group. Even though the team's decision may not be the one I believe is optimal, I think it will work and I support it." The operative words in that statement refer to the fact that all members can live with the predicted outcome and actively support it. If team members at your company cave under the pressure of a dominant voice within the group only to later say, "See. I told you that wouldn't work," should a less-than-desir- able outcome ensue, you have a consensus- seeking problem. the TEAM issues: Trust, Empowerment, Accountability, and Motivation. There should be very little question as to who is responsible to fill what roles, what is to be accomplished, when the project should be completed, and what is in it for them to do a good job. Team members will want to know many other things throughout the process. However, at the onset, at least pro- vide the TEAM vision to the team. DO WE HAVE A CONSENSUS? Soon after a team is formed, the members will, either consciously or subconsciously, determine the "unwritten rules" they will follow to break stalemates in discussions or continued on page 75 Discover the right customization solution for you at Texart series dye-sublimation printers provide non-stop graphics customization of sports jerseys, t-shirts, fashion items and more. TrueVIS series printers are ideal for short-run heat transfer graphics of t-shirts, sweaters, backpacks and more. THE PERFECT FIT ROLAND APPAREL CUSTOMIZATION

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