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2 0 1 9 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R 1 9 color is the door they use, or the wall they first see when they come in the door? Paint a wall in the garage or the bedroom to make it feel more like your business and less like Junior's old room. Look around your business, right now, as if through the eyes of a new potential customer. What does your window look like, and what is on deck for it next? What does your space look like if your customers see it? What do your products look like when you walk into a meeting? Are they telling your brand story? Use the opportunities available to you to further your brand awareness. It may seem subtle, but it works. Brand stories are built, remembered, and shared visually. How does your business look? PW Jennifer Cox is the president and co-founder of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP), a professional organization for apparel decoration business owners. NNEP supports the success of NNEP members with best practices, ideas, sources, solutions, volume-buying benefits, and services. Cox was recognized as a Top 50 Small Business Influencer and Community Choice Leader by Small Biz Trends in 2013, is recognized as one of the industry's "Most Creative Thinkers," and repeatedly ranks in the top 40 on the industry's "Power List." Reach her at or go to new customers is one of the strongest ones that they will keep of you. Invest in some garment bags in a color that represents you and your business. Use the color of your logo or select a "signature" color. Think of Tiffany's and what color comes to mind? They own that color mentally! It helps sep- arate them from all the other jewelry stores in a subtle yet very effective way. Show a specific product in "your color" and with your logo first. Wear a product in that col- or on your sales calls. Work that message. If you are working from home, and nearly half of this industry is, think about how you can incorporate the business color into the space that your customers see. Are they coming to your home? What ©2019 CIT Group Inc. All rights reserved. CIT and the CIT logo are registered trademarks of CIT Group Inc. Not all applicants will qualify for financing. All finance programs and rates are subject to final approval by CIT, and are subject to change at anytime without notice. Speed and performance are subject to applicant's local connectivity and other factors outside CIT's control. Financing as essential as ink Need financing options? Whether you are buying or selling – we o…er fast financing for a fast world. 877-786-5327 | Visit us in booth 442 at the NBM Irving show!

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