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2 0 1 9 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R 2 7 separate steps in the heat transfer vinyl process, you have one step. For this reason, the recom- mendation is that you take a lower estimate for labor rather than doubling the cost. If we estimate labor at $0.36 per layer, the total cost is $1.44. This means that the digital transfer method is certainly the best solution for this job. If the digital method is not in-house, then consider the following rate for a logo of this size and quantity: $0.13 per sq./in x 36 sq./in = $4.68. This places the choice nearly even with the screen-printed transfer in this scenario. How- ever, keep in mind that if this logo contained more colors, the screen print pricing would increase while the digital transfer option would not. So, how have you been doing on directing jobs to the right heat printing technology? Are you overspending on screen-printed transfers when heat transfer vinyl could be a better fit? Or are you weeding designs that could easily deliver time back to your day if you order them in screen-printed transfers? Perhaps it's time to invest in bringing digital transfers in-house? Heat press decorating as a technology features an array of choices. Cutting through the clutter to some solid rules will build a strong foundation to maximize capacity and profit- ability, making a more successful business. PW Josh Ellsworth has been on a mission to help GroupeSTAHL customers of all shapes and sizes build their businesses for almost 20 years. Throughout his career, Josh has helped implement heat printing production systems in some of the largest garment factories in the U.S., as well as set up thousands of small businesses with their very first heat press machine. Josh has been with GroupeSTAHL since 1998, most recently holding the position of vice president of Sales, Dealer Channel. Various other positions included roles in mainte - nance, sales, production and general manager Stahls' CAD-CUT direct, and general manager Stahls'TV. Zach Ellsworth has been helping heat printers for the last 15 years. From hopeful startups to seasoned professionals, Zach's advice and insight has helped them all increase productivity and profitability. Zach is currently serving as the general manager of Imprintables Warehouse and is focused on his favorite thing: helping decorators succeed. Heat transfer vinyl is best used when the logo is two or fewer colors and 24 or less in quantity. INFO@EXILETECH.COM 71334 35662 EXILETECH.COM O F T H E STA N D A R D D TG G O B E YO N D T H E L I M I TAT I O N S T E X J E T S H O RT E E T E X J E T E C H O T E X J E T M O R E STUNNING PRINT QUALITY INTERCHANGEABLE SNAPON PLATENS COMPACTSIZED PRINT ON: •TSHIRTS, •TOTE BAGS •SHOES •AND MUCH MORE THE BEST DTG OP TION FOR SMALL AND GROWING BUSINESSES

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