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3 8 P R I N T W E A R M A R C H 2 0 1 9 T ourism and hospitality can be a significant revenue generator for apparel decorators, and this is especially true when it comes to the resort wear market. Be it an intricately embroidered polo, a towel with a hotel's logo, or a decorated cap for a rustic moun- tain resort, shops can tap into this sector and open a whole new world of opportunity. FINDING BUSINESS AND WATCHING TRENDS Although a busy shop owner, especially one with a smaller staff, might not have the time to research all the latest trending looks for resort wear, it's recommended to at least get a bird's eye view each year. Decorators can do this by perusing quarterly catalogs from sup- pliers, or, if they're in proximity to resorts, producers can also do some research by stop- ping in and seeing what kind of merchandise, branding, and overall culture the property identifies itself with. Staying on top of trends will help a business find inroads to new cli- ents in the niche, or at least find new potential sales pitches for their current resort clients. Outside of keeping up with trends and visiting locations, Lauren Cocco, Vantage Ap- parel, says "Versatility, functionality, and comfort are key design trends across all product categories." Similar to other apparel niches like athleisure, customers are looking for a garment that not only looks good by the poolside or at the beach but is also something they can wear on those short trips to town from the hotel. Also consider location. Depending on the region, a customer might be looking for something that keeps them cool at a tropical getaway, or a heavier-duty garment for those crisp, cold mornings at a mountain resort. Jen Oleksik, LAT Apparel, notes the current STAY COOL THOUGHTS ON CONTEM- PORARY RESORT WEAR LOOKS AND TRENDS M I K E C L A R K Fleece jackets and vests can work well for both resort customers and staff uniforms. (Image courtesy Edwards Garment)

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