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2 0 1 9 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R 6 1 and glossy digital print heat transfer vi- nyls out there, so experiment with what works best for you, your machine, and your customer. Once you have printed your de- sign, right reading, onto the materi- al of your choosing, the next step in the process is cutting. Digital trans- fers need to be printed in right read- ing because you are printing on top of the material. You will now need a cutter that is compatible with the software you are using to print your design. In your designing software, you will need to have prepared the design with registration marks. This is how the computer communicates with your cutter on where to cut. Again making sure it is in right reading to cut, you will cut your design. After the design is cut, you will need to weed the design, which is the process of taking out all the unnecessary pieces, Right: Digitally printed transfers come in a variety of different finishes and thick- nesses to achieve countless looks. (All im- ages courtesy Heat Transfer Warehouse) Below: Always consider the make up of the substrate being decorated as this will affect the type of vinyl used.

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