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rv-pro.com March 2019 • RV PRO • 75 ture within our company," Brunoforte says. "We were fearful that if we stopped training, it would be difficult for us to get back on track. It's more cost-efficient for us to do the job right the first time. In our mind, it really wasn't an expense. It's still an item that has a positive return on investment." Unlike many dealerships at the time, Little Dealer didn't experience flooring cuts, but it did see challenges in retail financing. "It was very difficult to get customers financed," Brunoforte says. "Our RV sales would have remained much stronger if financing would have been available." Little Dealer pivoted to address these issues with a difficult combination of identifying additional retail financing options and selling fewer RVs. "There were a lot of credit unions that stepped in to fill the void," Brunoforte says. "Even today, much of our finance business goes to credit unions. We're grateful the credit unions were available." While Little Dealer didn't experience flooring challenges, Brunoforte says she and her leadership team have explored ways for the dealership to become its own flooring company, in a sense, in the years following the Recession. "One of the things we learned is that the only time you can borrow money is when you don't need it," she says. "There is some truth to that. The more you're able to prepare, the more you can improve your chances for survival." Hemlock Hill RV Pares Small Manufacturers, Embraces Smart Budgeting Hemlock Hill President Chris Andro's first awareness of the Recession was a bad gut feeling that prompted him to cancel a sizeable order of Class A motorhomes just when they were ready to ship to his Connecticut-based dealership. "I didn't know what was to come," says Andro, "but I definitely knew some- thing was wrong. It was scary. A lot of my friends were going out of business, and people I had just seen at my 20 Group meeting were gone. I felt like I had no MORE INFO: 260-768-7990 www.pinesrv.com 6-YEAR WARRANTY Now Available: Next-Day Delivery through Meyer Distributing REPLACEMENT COOLING UNITS

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