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20 • March 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE Available in both 500 or 700 lumens per foot, AgiLight's RetroRayz LED Light Bar is one more option that is "designed to fit into standard sockets or brackets sold separately for new build signage," says Dan Miller, AgiLight's Vice President of National & Key Accounts. In general, customers can expect the life of their LEDs to last roughly 50,000 hours with "way less required main- tenance and labor over the lifetime," according to Miller. Benefit Assessment Reduced maintenance has long been a primary benefit of LEDs. Sign custom- ers have enough to worry about without having to replace bulb after bulb in their illuminated displays. "One of the major benefits to the end user," starts Vincent, "is that they are not paying an annual or bi-annual re-lamp. These represent real savings to the end user and PLED's online ROI calculator has a field to insert annual maintenance costs to determine the annual savings." The online calculator considers the LED product, sign size and lighting costs versus fluorescent labor, maintenance, energy costs and operating time. It is a useful tool for any shop describing the savings to a customer during a retrofit job. "These days, most of the market is aware that LED lights offer a tremendous amount of savings over T8 or T12 fluo- rescent lamps," Kerber says. "It is also said that LEDs are more reliable than lamps. But since the pricing of LED lights are often much higher than that of lamps, you want to make sure that you are work- ing with quality products." With cheaper products comes the necessity to replace them more often, and if that's the case, there really are no cost savings to the customer in the long run. "So, making sure that you are using a reputable brand from a reputable dis- tributor will help you keep your promise of quality and reliability to your custom- ers," Kerber says. This is a detailed WS6600 layout and a few photos of Grimco's Concorde Light Bar and WS6600 modules in use. Images courtesy of Grimco.

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