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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • March 2019 • 41 of gray is applied the region becomes semi-transparent. The level of transpar- ency depends on the shade of gray that is applied. Lighter shades of gray reveal more and darker shades conceal. (See Figures 5a and 5b) You can paint directly on the layer mask with a brush, or you can select an area with a selection tool and fill it with the Edit > Fill Command. Brushes Speaking of brushes, the transparency application of color can be controlled when a brush is selected. Just enter a value in the Opacity box from zero (completely transparent) to 100 percent (totally opaque). A tint of the specific percentage value will be deposited when color is applied with a brush. Transparent strokes of colors can be painted with a single stroke or built up gradually. (See Figure 6) Figure 6 : Transparent strokes of colors can be painted with a single stroke or built up gradually. Gradients The gradient panel also has controls so that any portion of the gradient, when applied, can be made to appear transpar- ent. When you apply a gradient to your image, I recommended that you create a Gradient Fill layer in order to most effi- ciently maintain a dynamic workflow. Fill layers can be edited at any time during the image editing process, and therefore the gradient and all of its characteristics can be modified at any time. To apply transparency to a gradient, specify the range of color by creating a house-shaped icon called a Stop. In the gradient panel, the color stops are on the bottom of the ramp and the transparency stops are on the top. Click on a stop to Running a sign business can be tough, but you don't need to carry the load alone. Think outside the shop. Tap into the expertise and resources of Gemini, manufacturer of the industry's best quality dimensional letters, logos and plaques, to help you grow your business. Partner with us and let our people become your people, assisting with production, estimating, project management and more — no purchasing minimums, no volume thresholds. Just dedication from people as committed to your success as you are. Maybe it's time to think outside the shop. Learn more about how Gemini can help you grow your business: 800-538-8377 / FOR AN INSIDE EDGE, THINK OUTSIDE THE SHOP. L E T T E R S | L O G O S | P L A Q U E S

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