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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • March 2019 • 75 attached first to fittings pre-welded at the top of the posts, then the "C" shaped ends were attached, and lastly the lower cross- members were secured to the posts and the ends of the crossmembers mated to the ends of the "C" units. The upper and lower crossmem- bers were about 12' long, and the large "C "-shaped units at each end were overall 4'3" x 8'6" plus a half inch or so. The long members and the ends were made of 3" x 3" tubing, with 1" x 3" tub- ing screwed on the back making a lip of about 1" for the sign faces to screw to. We were basically creating our own extrusion. The photos will better show this, but the lip allowed plenty of room to secure the faces around the edge of the sign, and vertical and horizontal cross members were secured to the edge of this 1" x 3" tubing using a box full of shop- made brackets. Except for the internal crossmembers, which were all aluminum and required no finish, everything else was blasted and powder coated in advance, includ- ing the six steel post sections. Nothing was over 12' long, and I was able to do all the pieces on two racks. The entire kit would be carefully packaged with bubble wrap between layers. No welding would be required on the jobsite, and nothing was too bulky to handle by one man, or assemble from a one-man bucket. The one mistake I made was in mak- ing the " C" units at each end of the sign frame so large. Being a bit over 4" x 8" in size, their own weight caused them to sag a bit beyond 90 degrees. To keep them perfectly square, I had to pull them up with a tie down strap attached the corner until a diagonal brace could be put in place, which solved the prob- lem. When I do another job like this, the horizontal members of the " C"-shaped The starting point as far as fabrication goes was cutting six pieces of steel tubing to cre- ate two strong bolt-together posts, each in three sections. The only welding in this job was the fabrica- tion of the two three-piece posts with their plates, gussets and studs for leveling nuts. The upper-frame kit for this large double- sided sign was made of lots of 3" x 3" and 1" x 3" aluminum tubing, most of which is shown here.

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