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82 • March 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL proper care and mounting, and the fact they have longevity, Merminod says. "When speaking about the indus- try, we believe standoffs will always be around. There will always be a need for signs to be mounted, and we believe standoffs are the simplest and most appealing way to do so as of today," Merminod says. Hardware for Standoffs Standoffs consist of two pieces of hardware to mount the panels displaying graphics and text. The barrel and capped front screws give the panels a three- dimensional look by spacing them away from the wall or other mounting surface. The barrel, typically cylindrical in shape, serves as a spacer behind the panels by pushing them out and creating distance from the wall. The front screws, which screw into the threads of the barrel, can be seen as a decorative element on the exterior of the panels. The panels are secured between the barrel and front screws, and holes need to be drilled in the panels to allow the front screws to go through, Merminod says. Standoffs are mounted essentially in the same manner as not using them, except adding the barrel and cap instead of just screws, "allowing the sign to truly MBS Standoffs demonstrates creative uses of standoffs for signage displays by employ- ing different barrel lengths and overlaying signs on top of each other to create a three- dimensional, multilayer effect. This sign shows a metal powder-coated sign with matching powder-coated Pizazz mono•mounts. Image courtesy of Pizazz Display Systems. Standoff system for a building office, marked as "Room 107, Fine Arts Manager." Image courtesy of Metomic Corporation. Standoffs and wayfinding signage systems are used to point out several room numbers and a restroom facility. Interior wayfind- ing signs are ideal for campuses, indoor shop- ping centers and office buildings. Photo courtesy of Gyford Décor LLC.

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