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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • March 2019 • 85 nomical, Borden says. For the outdoors, standoffs are made out of more resilient materials, such as high-grade stainless steel that prevents erosion, he says. "They'll outlast most of the signage material," Borden says. MBS Standoffs mainly uses stainless steel and aluminum for the standoffs it produces, as well as glass and Plexiglas, which also are popular and, like the other two materials, give a modern look, Merminod says. MBS provides alu- minum standoffs for both indoor and outdoor uses and different grades of stainless steel, 201 for interior, 304 for exterior and 316 for marine near bodies of salt water. "When you combine glass and stand- offs, you get a very modern look out of your sign," Merminod says. Standoffs can be of any material that can be drilled, Merminod says, adding that he recommends the drilling be done along the edges or at the corners. "That is the beauty and versatility of standoffs, the fact that no matter your material, if you are able to drill through, you will be able to use standoffs for your project," Merminod says. "There really are not materials to be avoided." However, a few plastics are not suit- able for outdoor uses and are to be avoided in those cases, Bernstein says. "Whenever you are mounting some- thing for exterior use, you must quantify that your product is manufactured or finished in something that will with- stand the elements," Bernstein says. "Some of the plastic products on the market may not hold up in the weather, whereas the stainless or anodized parts should work fine." Another material to avoid for both indoor and outdoor usage is uncoated brass, due to the cost and maintenance required, though Gyford Standoff Systems will use the material in custom products, Borden says. "It has to be polished regularly and tarnishes very easily," Borden says. "And they're not as durable. I don't think aes- thetically they look great." Pizazz Display Systems is phasing out selling electroplated brass, focusing on electroplated and anodized aluminum, Pountney says. "We know aluminum can do every- thing brass can do," Pountney says, add- ing that aluminum is more cost effective and offers a wider range of color options than other materials. The Finishes for Standoffs Gyford Standoff Systems offers thou- sands of different finishes for standoffs in its line of stock products, as well as the customs the company produces. The fin- ishes include color anodizing, an electric chemical process that makes aluminum resistant to rust and adds color to the Standoffs can be of any material that can be drilled. Encore Products A Division of Newell Office Brands 2020 West Front Street Statesville, NC 28677 1-800-873-4868 ©2019 Newell Brands PRINT READY foam board 7 surfaces CANVAS EMBOSSED CANVAS CORK DRY ERASE CHALKBOARD MIXED METALS EXTREME WHITE Made in America with Pride Call for Samples! 1-800-873-4868

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