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16 THE SHOP APRIL 2019 Formally referred to as FRS/GMRS hybrid radios, these devices will now be reclassified as FRS units using expanded FRS capabilities. But, any radio above 2W of power is now classified as a GMRS radio. It requires a license from the FCC to operate. GMRS users will have access to 30 total channels. There are 22 FRS/GMRS channels plus eight repeater channels. If you are using a GMRS radio on chan- nels 8-14, you are still limited to a trans- mitting power of 0.5W. Luckily most units being sold in 2019 adhere to the new laws without any additional customer actions. To sum it up, recommend FRS for short- range without a license, and GMRS for long-range with a required FCC license. THE DAYSTAR GMRS RADIO Daystar really shook things up at the 2018 SEMA Show with the introduction of its GMRS radio specially designed for Jeep JK applications. The radio mounts out of the way in the vehicle's sport bar. The waterproof unit includes the two-way GMRS radio, high- output dual antenna, patent-pending mount, coaxial cable and switches. The display is full-color and is a clean, easy way to allow your customers to enter the world of GMRS. Remember to steer them to the FCC to obtain the proper license. BRETT SOLOMON is a freelance writer based in New York City, specializing in the mobile electronics market. C hris "CPO" Poldervaart is the founder of OverClock3D Jeeps (www.o3djeeps. com). As an avid Jeep enthusiast and customizer (and self-admitted technology geek), he makes sure he has the best communication devices at his disposal before hitting the trail. He has plenty of experience with off-road radios and has the proper licensing for his GMRS. "I go off-roading with folks from a variety of clubs. Most often, though, I am out with members of the Chesapeake Jeep Club." Poldervaart has experience with the importance of radio communication. "We've used it often when folks get split up. There was a time recently near home when one Jeep broke down and he was going to break away from the pack. His clutch was giving out—a problem that wouldn't work on the trails, but if he could get on the highway, he could get home. I left the group and followed him back to make sure he made it out. Then I had to use the CB radio to reconnect with the group. We were in the forest pretty deep, so it helped to be able to have some com- munications." With a CB radio's limited range in the mountains, however, he put his GMRS to good use on a recent trip out West. "I was in Moab in September and exclu- sively used GMRS," he says. "That seems to be what most people use out there. I used CB only on the highway when there was a shutdown on the interstate, and that was just to figure out what was going on. The truck drivers were giving a play-by-play as they drove past the accident." He is a fan of the portable, off-road- specific GMRS systems. "I think we'll eventually see them replace the CB on the East Coast, but the licensing is still probably the biggest hurdle for that." Poldervaart's 2015 Wrangler is equipped with an off-road arsenal including: 4-inch, long-arm Teraflex suspension; EVO Plush Ride coil springs; King Racing piggyback shocks; Dynatrac ProRock 44 front axle and Dynatrac 35 spline rear axle upgrade; ARB air lockers front and rear; Hutchinson Rock Monster bead-lock wheels; Nitto Ridge Grappler 37-inch tires; Dynatrac Pro- Grip brakes; Tom Woods front and rear driveshafts; Metalcloak fenders, fender liners, rear armor and taillights; Excessive Industries front and rear bumpers; HIDPro- HID headlights; Daystar cowl hood scoop; Rugged Ridge snorkel for the intake; and many tech upgrades. Chris "CPO" Poldervaart of OverClock3D Jeeps makes sure he has the best communication devices at his disposal before hitting the trail. OVERCLOCK3D JEEPS & COMMUNICATION The Uniden CMX760 CB radio has a small footprint base with all the controls on the handheld microphone. When out of cellular phone range, the Jeep/4x4 community turns to radio communication to keep in touch on the trail. (Photo courtesy Daystar Products) RADIO COMMUNICATIONS Off-Road

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