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24 THE SHOP APRIL 2019 T he latest performance oils and fluids allow shops to pour in the power. From race lubricants to fuel addi- tives to transmission fluids and more, these in-demand products serve as important protection for powertrain upgrades and can offer attractive add-on sales opportunities. Here's a rundown on just a few of the many performance fluids available to the aftermarket. Maybe some will funnel profits your way. LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS Corona, California Duane LaFleur Business Development of High Performance Our hottest product for the Oils & Fluids market is … … Lucas Oil recently came out with a full synthetic 5W-50 perfor- mance passenger oil. This product is great for vehicles such as Mustangs, Camaros and newer-style performance vehicles. Along with the 5W-50, we have just brought out our new Low-Viscosity Sta- bilizer that is designed for new passenger vehicles that require the 0W-weight oils. Its best features include … … Low Viscosity Stabilizer improves fuel economy and power; reduces friction; pro- vides wear reduction; improves oxidation resistance; improves dispersancy, which reduces deposits and varnish; improves premium-quality motor oil; and eliminates dry starts, which are the No. 1 cause of wear in new engines. The outside factor currently having the greatest effect on the Oils & Fluids market is … … there are so many requirements in today's automobiles that we really need to stay ahead of the curve. At Lucas Oil, we have complete quality control of our products, because we blend our oils in- house. This allows us to consistently deliver a quality product every day. The biggest difference in the Oils & Fluids market now as compared to 10 years ago is … … there are so many different requirements in today's market compared to years past. We can remember when a conventional passenger oil was all that was required. Every 3,000 miles you did your oil change. Now there are synthetic oils that allow you to drive 10,000 miles before you need to have your oil changed. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Oils & Fluids is … … every vehicle on the road today needs to have one of our prod- ucts, whether it's engine oil, transmission fluid, injector cleaner or our care car products. Shops will benefit by having products on the shelf so when their cus- tomer walks in, t h e y w a l k o u t with something. Having the inven- tory on the shelf is key. This allows the customer to purchase from shops. CHAMPION OIL Clinton, Missouri Aric Dell Marketing Director Our hottest product for the Oils & Fluids market is … … our Modern Muscle full-synthetic high-performance oils. Its best features include … … Champion Modern Muscle oils are specifically formulated to maximize per- formance and meet the demands of today's high-performance street engines. CMM motor oils are recommended for those seeking a higher level of performance and protection for late-model vehicles and crate engines that are under a manufacturer or engine builder warranty that requires an API-licensed motor oil. The outside factor currently having the greatest effect on the Oils & Fluids market is … … the downsizing of engines and the proliferation of direct-injection and tur- bocharged engines to achieve more power with lower displacement and better fuel economy. Transmissions have also become geared with more ratios and different vari- eties of friction materials to improve shift feel and fuel economy. Both of these factors have led to modern vehicles requiring more purpose-built and higher-quality oils and lubricants. The biggest difference in the Oils & Fluids market now as compared to 10 years ago is … … 10 years ago, the average vehicle age was lower and the average service interval was much shorter. Now, there is a demand for less maintenance, which is allowed by high-quality synthetic oils for newer vehi- cles, and recently there has been a marked increase in the demand for high-mileage oils to help keep those older vehicles on the road. The quality of the fluids available on the market continues to improve, and con- sumers are getting more out of their vehicles as a result. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Oils & Fluids is … … fortunately, motor o i l s , l u b r i c a n t s a n d chemicals are usually application-specific. A business that understands its customers can offer specific solutions that others may not be quali- fied to recommend, particularly if they sell one-size-fits-all products. For example, very few know and under- stand European motor oils designed specifi- cally for Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen. The shop that can clearly recom- mend the right product will win the customer over for repeat business and referrals. Another would be offering high-zinc motor oils for hot rods, classics and older Products that pour in the power. OILS&FLUIDS PERFORMANCE Having products on the shelves is a key to obtaining add-on sales of oils and fluids. (Photos courtesy Lucas Oil Products) Today's high-performance street engines require oils formulated for their specific needs. (Photo courtesy Champion Oil)

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