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APRIL 2019 THE SHOP 27 allows us to offer our customers the best product for their application, no matter what they use their vehicle for. The outside factor currently having the greatest effect on the Oils & Fluids market is … … the car manufacturers. More emphasis is being placed on lower-viscosity oils and formulation modifications to improve fuel economy and mitigate issues like low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). The biggest difference in the Oils & Fluids market now as compared to 10 years ago is … … the automotive industry on a global scale is on the rise, as well as the demand for high-quality lubricants. This can be contributed to consumers keeping their vehicles longer than they did just 10-20 years ago. An average vehicle's life was around eight or nine years, but in the last seven or eight years we have seen that increase to 11-12 years. Synthetic lubricants are now playing a vital role in consumers' maintenance practices to help maintain their vehicles longer. At the same time, standards for oils have changed four times to keep up with the automotive manufacturers' changes in design and materials to meet their CAFE demands. Engines now are getting smaller, come factory-equipped with turbos and are under warranty. The downside of smaller-displacement engines equipped with direct-injection technology, which is used in 40 to 50 per- cent of today's vehicles, is LSPI. Unlike engine knocks, mega-knocks, etc., LSPI occurs at low engine speeds. This sparked Red Line Oil to introduce a full line of warranty-approved engine oils called Pro- fessional-Series, primarily for the profes- sional installer. This caters to enthusiasts whose vehicles are still under warranty, but who demand the best for their vehicle's engine. Profes- sional-Series is already proven not only in warranty applications, but also on the track. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Oils & Fluids is … … sometimes issues seeming to be mechan- ical can be solved with proper lubrication. This can be the correct viscosity and/or the right spec'd product. Solving a problem with a fluid service will not only save your customer time and money, but it will help build loyalty and a positive advocate for your shop. People already have ill feelings about ser- vice shops and dealerships, so anytime you can do something positive, it has a much bigger return than a single big service bill. Red Line offers a number of hard-to-find OEM replacements designed with superior base stocks and additives that outperform the OEM's higher-priced products. MAXIMA RACING OILS Santee, California Chris Schell Business Development, Performance Auto Brand Manager, Sales Manager/ Order Taker Quality engine upgrades demand quality lubricants to help them work their best. (Photo courtesy Maxima Racing Oils) See the whole success story: For further information or technical support please call 1-888-MOLYOIL (665-9645) I use it! Made in Germany. Made for you. "Stops low oil pressure and engine stumbling!" Josh Collver European Service Center Dallas, TX #iuseit

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