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APRIL 2019 THE SHOP 37 PRECISION ENGINE were installed, and the wires were con- nected to the distributor cap following the special firing order required by the Crane billet camshaft. Our firing order is 1-8-7-3-6-5-4-2 (big- block Chevy order, with cylinders 4 and 7 swapped). Our selected spark plugs are Autolite P/N AR3932 (0.750-inch reach plugs, per Dart's recommendation for the Big Chief II heads). I set plug gap at 0.024 inches (they were all close to this gap straight out of the box). In order to provide extra protection for the spark plug boots and wires from exhaust heat, I installed a set of DEI's new Protect-A-Boots. These cool booties fea- ture an internal metal ring at the small end, allowing you to nudge the boot small ends over the plug boot ends for a snug fit that ensures good retention of the thermal- guard boots. This is a nice feature, elimi- nating the need to secure the boots with tie straps. In order to provide a degree of tidiness to the plug wires, I used MSD's plug wire spacers P/N 8841 to serve as wire separa- tors. In addition, to prevent the wires from flopping around at the rear of the block, I made two 90-degree aluminum brackets using 1-inch-wide-by-0.125-inch-thick alu- minum straps that secure to the two rear intake manifold bolts and extend down across the rear faces of the heads. These brackets provided an anchoring base for a pair of four-wire MSD Pro- Clamp wire separator blocks (from kit P/N 8843). I secured one four-wire block to each aluminum bracket with one 10x32 button-head screw (I tapped a 10x32 hole in each bracket). VALVE COVERS The 1/4-inch-by-20-by-3.5-inch socket head cap screws supplied with the Moroso valve covers are fine and function perfectly. But, being the anal dolt that I am, I wanted to dress things up a bit more. I installed stainless steel 1/4-inch-by-20-by- 4-inch studs into the heads (purchased from McMaster-Carr under P/N 95412A558), and then secured the valve covers with Cam Motion's Top Seal blue anodized billet alu- minum knurled hand knobs. I selected the short-hat version at 0.637- inches tall (it also offers tall-tall models at 1.136-inches high). All of its knobs feature a 1.50-inch-diameter knurled hand knob. Our MSD distributor features a slip collar, allowing installed height adjustability. Our MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor spark plug wire kit.

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