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APRIL 2019 THE SHOP 39 PRECISION ENGINE that might occur if the hose began to col- lapse internally under vacuum. Initially, this was the pain-in-the-butt part of the job. The stainless steel support coil must be wound counterclockwise to mini- mize its diameter (bringing the coils together, forming a tube), and then push-fed into the hose, pretty much one to three coils at a time. I lubed the inside of the hose with engine oil to ease insertion, but this was time- consuming and frustrating in the beginning until I developed the knack. I installed one hose end, installed the support coil, then installed the second hose end. The internal support coil comes in a 4-foot length. I cut two pieces with a snip, one for each hose. I tailored the coil length to match the full hose length between the hose ends (with the ends of the coil about 1/2- to 3/4-inches shy of each hose end). By the time I finished installing the sup- port coils in the two vacuum hoses, I had resurrected just about every cuss word in my vocabulary. Of course, after fitting these two hoses, I felt like a pro. See image 2. ALTERNATOR SETUP I mounted the Jones Racing alternator on the left side, using the existing threaded holes on the block face. The Jones mounting bracket fit like a glove, and it's pretty to boot. Belt adjustment is a breeze, thanks to a heim joint-ended LH/RH thread hex bodies turnbuckle. This is without a doubt the best-fitting and easiest-to-install custom alternator setup I've ever had the pleasure of installing. Jones offers a multitude of alternator bracket configurations (for high-mount, low-mount, LH, RH, etc.), but I really like this little bugger. This is a nice application for both race engines and street rod builds, offering both form and function that would please even the most finicky customer. CARBURETOR/FUEL PLUMBING Our big-gulp carb is Holley's Ultra Domi- nator P/N 0-80673, a 1,150-cfm race carb that features billet metering blocks, three-circuit metering, mechanical secondaries and over- sized sight windows for easy float adjustment. Recommended fuel pressure is 5-7.5 psi. The anodized billet metering blocks feature changeable idle feed restrictors for easier tuning of the idle system with no drilling, in addition to changeable emulsion jets for infinite metering tuning. OUR TORQUE SPECS 2-stage billet vacuum pump VP-9100-C 36-tooth pump pulley BG06108-36S Drive hub DH-8101-B Hub mandrel 3.5" x 1.125" DHM-8101-B Drive hub spacer kit SP-6103-KP (one SP-6103-A-A 1/4"; one SP-6103-B-A 3/8"; three SP-6103-C-A 1/2") BBC lower VP bracket VP-9101-B Crank snout mandrel bolt/end cap/ washer…..(1/2" x 20 x 6" bolt) BEC-2109-L Two 1/8" keys for mandrel-mounted pulleys KS-2109-D Two 3/16" roll pins for drive hub RP-2109-C Drive pulley for vacuum pump CS-6102-AC-32 Two 3.5" O.D. x 1.125" I.D. belt guides BG-6108-C 31.496" x 10mm radius tooth belt 800-10HD 4-ft internal support coil to prevent the AN hoses from collapsing AN-1200-SC Two –12 weld-in aluminum male bungs (for valve covers) AN-1200-B One –12 weld-in female bung with O-ringed screw-in cap (for oil-fill on valve cover) (P/N TBA) 1-wire 65-amp alternator (Jones builds this alterna- tor in-house. They sell these to the NASCAR teams. Features heavy-duty bearings, built-in regulator, etc. Very slick unit) AL-9101-C-NS Alternator bracket AL-9101-BB-LM 3.5" long adjusting rod with Heim ends ADR-9100-3.5 24-radius-tooth alternator pulley & belt guides The alternator is a very cool little powerhouse. It weighs in at a mere 9 lbs and requires only one 10-gauge wire to the battery. AL-9105-24-A 36-radius-tooth drive pulley for the alternator CS-6102-AC-36 Two belt guides for drive pulley BG-6108-E 26.772" x 10mm alternator belt 680-10HD High amp switch to protect alternator when charging battery SW-9100-A Image 2 Our users tell us that capturing only two or three jobs per week you currently farm out can allow you to recoup your investment in about four months. Many get twenty five years of profit after that! Huth and Ben Pearson give you the best tools to bend, expand, finish and deliver! Investing in our quality equipment … pays back in months … pays you dividends for decades! 800-558-7808 • • Follow us on • Made in the USA $500 in FREE Tooling with manual depth of bend Bender! $750 in FREE Tooling with automatic depth of bend Bender! Available March 18 - May 3, 2019 See details at

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