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56 THE SHOP APRIL 2019 tures on the car or adding accents or color blocking to make it stand out. COLOR-CHANGING MAGIC "You definitely get to use your knowledge of the materials and how to mix different finishes and colors to make the car really stand out," Harden says. "It's not something I get to do as often as I would like, but I feel like customers are always really excited. As soon as they see the change in their car, they're like a little kid at Christmas." Since she doesn't encounter a lot of end- user clients during her commercial work, Harden appreciates the customer interaction that comes with retail vehicle wrap projects. One of her favorite projects is a 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16 GTS for close friend Jeff Dietz, who volunteers as a sweep driver for the American Rally Association. MXC helped Dietz apply a design to his car used for the green light course closing at the 2018 Olympus Rally. The design was a tribute to the original racing livery, featuring a black background with white paneling and stripes that were red, orange and yellow. "Trying to get it to fit the car exactly right with cut graphics would have been difficult, so we had to use knife-less ones to lay out all the stripes," she says. "It got very, very detailed down to the last fraction of an inch because we had to have these perfectly parallel stripes that were slightly getting larger as they went inward, so it had to be laid out by hand." LOOKING AHEAD Harden likes the flexibility and variety of work she does at MXC, but weathering the inconsistency of projects can be tough. In the future, she hopes to do more work that's independent from referrals and sign Wall murals make for an easy day of work. Carrying On 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE WITH UPDATED DATA AVAILABLE THROUGH SEMA DATA CO-OP & DCI 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE

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