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APRIL 2019 THE SHOP 57 shops, such as vehicle restyling and color- changing wraps—things she can easily do on her own. She encourages those who are interested in getting into the vinyl-install business to get a good education and gain experience at a print shop, where you can see how things are produced and how to set things up for proper install. "I think it's always good to start out in pro- duction and to get an idea of how these mate- rials all come together and what their uses are," Harden says. "If you just jump straight into an install and you don't know anything about the vinyl or the other materials you're sent, things can go badly very quickly." Harden is excited to continue working in the vinyl industry, a growing niche in the automotive aftermarket, and networking is also on her agenda, including attending her first SEMA Show. But what she's happiest about is the ability to continue her husband's work. "I really want to bring some attention to Mik," she says. "He was really proud of his work. He was a good man. We had a really good partnership, and I can't take credit for everything that's happened over the years—it wouldn't have happened without him." A lot of Harden's work also comes from 3M and PDAA referrals, another perk to becoming a certified installer. Christa says Mik was a constant source of support as she learned the ropes in a business where female installers are in the minority. Brighter. Whiter. Stronger. Philips high power X-tremeUltinon LED fog lamps provide up to 200% brighter light for superior visibility. Their crisp white light is a perfect color match with Xenon HID headlights. Philips X-tremeUltinon LED fog lamps Automotive lighting PL3461 TheShop_XU_LED_Fogs_HalfV_4-19_v1.indd 1 2/18/19 1:01 PM

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