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2019 Sublimation Report

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6 The Sublimation Report • Spring 2019 • most likely result will be wasted ink, paper, product, and time. Instructions are updated every few weeks to keep up with new prod- ucts, improved transfer techniques, and changes in substrates, so routinely check back for the most current information. • Written instructions are a great starting point but may need to be further tuned for your specific equipment. • Video tutorials are an excellent com- plement to written instructions but keep in mind that the written instruc- tions are the last word as they may be updated many times after a video is produced. THREE: UTILIZE PRODUCT TEMPLATES A product template is a digital file that contains the outline of an imprintable prod- uct's shape. Available for essentially all sublimatable products in a variety of file formats to ensure compatibility with your graphics software package, templates are a must in each step of the production pro- cess: designing, printing, and pressing. Editor's Note: Check out the sidebar titled Sublimation Graphics Software Basics on page 9 for more information on software. • Speeding up the design process: Utilizing a product's software tem- plate speeds the design process by allowing the graphic artist to work with the actual shape of the product. Positioning photographs, graphics, and text properly the first time saves a tremendous amount of time by pro- viding an on-the-screen view of what the finished product will look like. This is especially helpful when designing uniquely shaped items such as door hangers and neckties. • Reducing ink usage: During the printing process, only the product's image area is printed onto the paper. This lowers the cost of printing by reducing the amount of ink used to print each transfer. • Reducing prep time and pressing errors: Overall pressing time and pressing errors are greatly reduced due to the ease and confidence of aligning/securing the printed transfers to the blank products. A product template is a digital file that contains the outline of an imprintable product's shape and is especially helpful for unique-shaped items such as door hangers. IMAGES COURTESY CONDÉ SYSTEMS Road to Sublimation Success

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