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April '19

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EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS Let's start with a discussion on equip- ment. You cannot, of course, add laser engraving services to your business without the machine, but it's more complex than that. There are many options (CO 2 , fiber, dual source, etc.) as well as various sizes, configurations, and even optional attach- ments and tools. But don't get overwhelmed with this information. "For the process of customization with a laser, very little is needed to be able to offer laser engraving and cutting services," explains Amy Dallman, Epilog Laser. She lists vector-based graphic design software, a computer, ventilation, and the laser as part of the starting package. When looking at the laser itself, Kirstin Scott, Universal Laser Systems (ULS), states that many beginners opt for the CO 2 , but some go for a fiber depending on the mate- rials and applications they plan to use it for. "Many also use common options such as gas assist, a cutting table, a rotary fixture, optics, etc., again depending on their spe- cific needs," she adds. A&E APRIL 2019 • 9 There are many available machines a beginner must consider for purchase, such as CO 2 , fiber, dual source, and more. IMAGE COURTESY TROTEC LASER One important consideration to never overlook is a ventilation/ exhaust unit. IMAGE COURTESY UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS

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