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April '19

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A&E APRIL 2019 • 15 The Nex t Generation of LED Standof f s Gyford LED Standoffs are now brighter, water resistant, & made stronger for tough installations. See the difference today! Shop our website for product specifications and inspiration. VISIT CALL 775.829.7272 GEN-2 Three Laser Engraving No-Nos By Adam Voigt, Kern Laser Systems 1. Don't assume you can cut or engrave everything. Make sure you know the wattage of your laser and the capabili- ties it has. Also, some materials, such as PVC, when laser cut release toxic fumes and hydrochloric acid. 2. Keep a clean environment. Some of the problem calls we answer are due to dirty mirrors, nozzles, and air quality, or worst-case scenario, a fire. Your laser system is an industrial machine; however, the laser needs a clean envi- ronment to work at its best potential. 3. Metal Cutting: Don't think all metals cut the same. Aluminum and copper are very reflective. This could cause a lot of flashback and damage your protective lens, your lens, mirrors, and worst-case scenario, the laser itself. A&E Not all substrates are created equal. When processing a new material, always consult your user's manual and work with your suppliers. IMAGE COURTESY GCC

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