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18 • A&E APRIL 2019 DOCUMENTING THE ORDER This is a critical part of the process that can easily be neglected. Customer service people have a lot of distractions; however, it's never a good idea to put off writing up the order as completely as possible. Even if you are the customer service rep and the production person, too many details can be forgotten, especially during busy times. Design your own form that makes it easy to communicate and remember impor- tant information. Document the form so information is always in the same place. A lot of information can end up on the form, so knowing where to find specific information makes a big difference. It's also a good idea to include on your form what parts have to be ordered, and who and when they were ordered. Approvals needed and dates sent, changes made, and approvals given are also important. Our form includes a large space for personalized information and any desired layout or design element information. It's crucial to communicate specific expecta- tions or desired design information before the design process is started. Time is money, and wasted design time and production mistakes can mean the difference between making a profit or taking a loss. GATHERING THE PARTS For a plaque order, you typically only need the wood plaque and plate. If they are not in your inventory, they need to be ordered. We don't pass the order from customer service to production until we have the parts. The exception is when time is of the essence and we know all the product specs allowing us to lay out the design. This is especially true when we know the customer will take a long time to review and give approval. For lasering a plate, you only need the overall size and border width. For other products, such as acrylics and many glass awards, detailed specs are important for the design and to avoid errors and poor results. When to place the parts order can be a challenge. To reduce time spent ordering and expensive shipping costs, bundling orders is key. However, waiting too long has its own set of problems. If mistakes This plaque was not related to an event so the customer did not want a date on it. An upper end plaque with a lot of text.

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