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A&E APRIL 2019 • 27 Sublimation but a second time with a different com- pany. However, they didn't bother to take my watermark off in this instance. That is in addition to the individuals that had shared my images on their page without my permission. One image in particular went viral with over 1,000,000 views. You can still Google it, and it will come up with several pages, all still with my watermark on it, and still being shared. There are numerous ways to copy an image off of the web, so if a person wants your image, they will find a way to copy it. If they really want to claim your image as their own, there are ways to remove water- marks. Depending on where the watermark is placed, one could simply crop it out of the picture. Ultimately, the watermark offers limited protection against theft unless you do a full-page watermark, which almost defeats the purpose of posting it. With that being said, a lot of graphics companies like Adobe Stock and Shutterfly have mastered the art of all-over water- marking without taking away the ability to view the graphic. I am still of the belief that it is better to use a watermark as opposed to not using one. Unfortunately, the only real way to protect your image from someone stealing it is to not place it on a website or places like social media. I would like to briefly talk about Adobe Photoshop. Creating with Photoshop can be intimidating to some people — even with all the YouTube videos and Adobe training, it can still be overwhelming. Here's my sug- gestion: Take one tool at a time and learn it! You can look on YouTube for topics like "how to use brushes" or "working with layers." I have found it is much easier to learn in snippets, as opposed to sitting down and trying to learn it all in a few sessions. I recommend if you are new to Photoshop to look at getting Photoshop Elements — it is a scaled-down version of Photoshop but still powerful and rela- tively inexpensive. Adobe Photoshop also offers a 10-day trial version for its online Photoshop CC, which is their Photoshop Creative Cloud. Page 26: An image I designed. Above: A screenshot of a Google Image search of that image. ALL IMAGES COURTESY CHERYL KUCHEK Additional Tips Using the left and right bracket keys ( [ and ] ) adjusts the size of your brush. The left bracket makes it smaller, and the right bracket makes it bigger. For people who don't have Photoshop, here are a few sites that allow you to create your own watermark. I have not used these sites, but they have good reviews. • • •

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